“All it takes is the failure of a single generation to hand down a tradition for that tradition to disappear from the life of a family and, in turn, of a community.”

~ Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option

Welcome to Homeschool Heritage!

Homeschooling is best preserved not only in individual families but in a close-knit community forged through friendship and common values. Homeschool Heritage creates additional learning opportunities for homeschool communities by bringing together those students into a unioned institution.

The Homeschool Heritage alumni portal provides a space where people of similar backgrounds can connect and develop friendships through authentic discussion.


Alumni Membership

Anyone 18 or over who received at least 25 percent of their education in a homeschool can join the alumni forum. Continue at the link above to register.

Academic Membership

A membership to the Homeschool Heritage academic program is available upon request for select students under the age of 18. Membership must be requested by a parent or legal guardian. Eligibility of parents/guardians will be determined upon request.

For admission to, or questions on, the HSH academic membership please contact: admin@homeschoolheritage.org